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Original carrycot with teddy bear.



*Material: Recycled wicker

*Measures: 53 x 30 cm

*Handles: 2 short pita handles and 2 long leather/skin handles

* Embellished with ostrich feathers

* Teddy bear

* ARTISANAL PRODUCT- Handmade, one by one and sustainable with the environment

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Información adicional

* As they are handmade baskets, they may have slight variations in design, color and closures.

* This is a natural thing in artisan products and one of the many reasons we love it! Due to the handcrafted nature, no two bags are exactly alike. Which will provide you with a unique product that will keep for many years

- COMMITMENT TO SUSTAINABILITY AND RESPECT FOR THE ENVIRONMENT – Twenty Violets has a firm commitment to respecting the Environment, which is why it uses the knowledge, abilities, skills and attitudes throughout the process of making its products, useful for interacting with the environment, in an ethical, responsible and sustainable way, in order to avoid or reduce the negative effects produced by inappropriate practices caused by human activity

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