Round handbag made of rattan (very resistant natural fiber) handmade.


* Traditional inner lining (Batik print) variable.

* 2 leather handles

* Measurements:     20 cm in diameter     Strap: 55 cm (110cm)

* Natural feathers of colors

* Metal plate of the brand

All our products are made with the best materials and subjected to a high quality control

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Shipped in 1 - 5 days

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* The measurements may vary a bit due to the manufacturing process

* The manufacturing process of this bag involves smoking rattan in a traditional oven over coconut hasks to add strength, so you can notice a slight smoky smell.

-RESPECT ENVIRONMENT - Twenty Violets has a firm commitment to respect the environment, which is why it uses knowledge, skills, abilities and attitudes throughout the process of developing its products, useful for interacting with the environment, in an ethical, responsible and sustainable way, in order to avoid or diminish the negative effects produced by the inadequate practices caused by human activity

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